You may think having both wedding photos and a video are not required and may not add video in your budget. However we have found our couples always mention how adding our video packages was the best thing they did. For one, the day literally flies by and there are things you'll miss that your videographer will capture beautifully, like seeing your grandmother's emotional reaction as you say your vows.

A wedding video is important because it will record the details of a special event which will become more and more hazy for the rest of your life. This was one of the reasons why we started our video journey and now offer video packages to compliment photo. We want couples to enjoy their day to the fullest through photo and video.

  • You are able to experience things that you would not be able to do with just a photo
  • Films and video move people. People consume video now more than ever and its a great way to relive and share your wedding day
  • See your entire day from start to finish
  • Drone footage gives an unique perspective that photo cannot capture
  • Video not only captures a frozen moment, it captures the entire scene and atmosphere.

Click here to see an example of how video and photo are a perfect match to experience and enjoy your wedding!