Auckland Museum Wedding | Auckland Wedding Photographer

We loved hearing about where Tessa and Dave's love story began and how through luck or fate a get-together with a mutual friend started their journey. What an epic church wedding it was especially their exit to the bagpipes played by their family friends.

We had so much fun photographing this fun couple, their family, friends, and bridal party at this picturesque location.  Tessa is not only such a beautiful bride but also very talented as she baked the wedding cake and delicious brownies, as well as made the cutest favours for their guests to enjoy and share the same love she has as an avid gardener. We are so thankful that we got to capture Tessa and Dave's wedding and also for the gorgeous wee succulent that we got as a wedding favour that sits proudly on the windowsill.

There is always something so special about being able to follow our amazing couples journeys and then celebrating all the time, thought and effort that they have put into their wedding day finally arrives.