What does it mean to go “Unplugged”?

An unplugged ceremony is when you ask your guests to not use their phones, ipad’s and cameras during the ceremony. This allows the photographer to capture the day without guests coming in the way.

The biggest benefit of having an unplugged wedding is that you and your guests are present and in the moment. You have hired a photographer for a reason and the last thing you want is your ceremony interrupted by a phone call or your guests with their devices in wedding album photos.

A great idea is to consider an unplugged ceremony and a plugged-in reception. This way the guests can capture photo and video during the reception. You can ask them to share these photos after you have uploaded your professional photos to see your special day from their perspective.

How to go “Unplugged”?

  • Add a note on your website or Facebook page.
  • Have a sign in front of your ceremony. There are great examples on Pinterest for ideas.
  • Get your celebrant to announce that it’s an unplugged ceremony. The reason being that there are professional photographers, so please kindly turn off all cameras and cell phones to enjoy the moment.
  • Encourage your guests to take as many photos as they like after the ceremony and during reception.
  • So I hope you consider going “Unplugged” for your wedding. Here is an example of how it can impact the wedding day photos. This photo went viral and since then more brides are considering an unplugged wedding so the can best photos possible of their big day.

Photo by Hannah Way – Hannah Way Photography.