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Kind words

Kind words

“It was so amazing having Roy and Dan film and shoot our wedding at flaxmere.

They were so helpful and fluid with our day and got so many amazing shots. The turnaround and communication time with Kiri masters was incredible and I'm so glad to be able to share all of the footage and pictures with my friends.

Being a foreigner meant we had many people who couldn't make it and Kiri Marsters worked amazingly with us to find a package that would fit our budget and needs. Amazing staff and service.”


What is an associate photographer/videographer?

An associate photographer/videographer is someone that shoots under our Kiri Marsters Photography brand. Our Associate team Roy and Dan shoots with a similar style to us to achieve the same look as we do. They treat our couples with the utmost respect, love, and care.

If you hire Roy or Dan, they will be the ones to capture the wedding, but all of the other back-end work is done by us. We take care of the timelines, communication, editing and everything else that goes into the wedding experience.

Why would I hire an associate photographer/videographer?

There are a couple of reasons that you should consider hiring an associate photographer/videographer. The main one would be availability. We book out very far in advance. If we're not available, but you still want the KM Photography experience, editing style and colours, Roy and Dan are a great option for you!

Our associate packages are priced slightly lower than my packages. You get Roy and Dan who are well qualified and experienced. We're so thankful they have chosen to work with KM Photography as an associate.

Roy - Associate Photographer

My first camera was given to me by my grandfather in 2007 when I was a high school student, and it started me on the incredible artistic journey- studying a Bachelor of Visual Arts at Chengdu University of Technology . After I graduated from my school, I arrived to NZ to continue my study as a Master of Media Arts student at Wintec in Hamilton. My studies led me to fall in love with both documentary and portrait photography, and I adore bringing them together in my work

My passion for photographing weddings began in 2012 after I finished my Master's study in Hamilton. Since then, I moved to Auckland and spent many summers capturing those special moments and precious memories for numerous couples and families.


• I have photographed over 400 weddings and pre-weddings for many happy couples

• I love capturing candid moments in natural-light settings

• I can speak two different languages: English and Mandarin Chinese

• My favorite subject when I was in high school was photography, which is why I decided to become a photographer

 • I shoot wedding photos to both cards at every wedding and have a rigorous backup process once home too

Dan - Associate Videographer

I first started filming when I was 8 years old. I borrowed my grandma's camcorder and made little lego movies. After that, it snowballed into a passion. In intermediate and high school, I was filming videos with my friends, editing them, and posting them on my YouTube channel.

However, beneath all the fun and games, it was about a desire to tell meaningful stories.

My passion for filming weddings began when I first attended a wedding as a guest in 2018. My friend, the videographer, offered to show me how he worked. Over that day, I fell in love with the idea of capturing a couple's most important day of their lives. It was like telling a story, but with real people, real emotions, and real significance.It was what I was searching for all along.

And so, after saving up for my own professional equipment, I began filming weddings in 2019. I film with the number one goal of keeping the couple comfortable. While I want to create the best possible story out of their day, I also want to make sure they can enjoy it too. Because only by enjoying your day will it make an authentic film.


• I have filmed over 50 weddings, of just about every culture you can think of

• I love capturing a mix of cinematic shots you'd find in a movie, and shots that give more of a simple and humble feeling

• I was inspired by the cinematographers Robert Elswit and Emmanuel Lubezki for the visual style and camera movements I go for