Lavalla Wedding | Auckland Wedding Photographer

Bekah and Evah had their wedding at LaValla which is an absolutely incredible venue no matter the weather with so many opportunities for photos. Bekah and Evah were able to get ready on-site so had a wonderful relaxing start to the day which was a dream for us as we were able to spend extra time with both brides on the morning of their special day. At the end of such a special day, they were able to enjoy the rest of their evening as they took advantage of the accommodation. After the ceremony, we walked around the beautiful grounds to make their vision for their bridal photos come to life. LaValla really is the perfect venue for a wedding not to mention the service and food are AMAZING!!!

There is always something so special about being able to follow our amazing couple's journeys and then celebrating all the time, thought and effort that they have put into their wedding day finally arrives. We were absolutely thrilled that we were able to be part of Evah and Bekah's special day we laughed, cried, and celebrated as there were small but very meaningful tributes to special people that couldn't make their day and while their families spoke about the obstacles they have overcome and some amazing milestones they have achieved as a dream team. We couldn't have been more excited that after spending an absolutely incredible day celebrating their marriage that they announced their family was growing. Their wedding had it all and it was a dream to photograph for a wedding photographer.